Best Games That You Can Play on Your Xbox 360

Xbox 360 stands out as one of the most excellent consoles ever made. With it comes an array of games across a diversity of genres. Some exclusives are among the greatest games ever made in the history of gaming.

Here’s a look at some of the …

Best Games to Play on Xbox 360

Portal 2

Portal 2

Like its previous version, Portal 2 is a first-person platform-puzzle game. In the single-player campaign, players take on the character of Chell, an ex-test subject attempting to escape from the Aperture Science Facility and GlaDOS, the AI controller of the facility.

Portal 2 has a multiplayer option. This two-player co-op is playable locally and online, with a split-screen functionality in the local play and specific places during virtual game. Portal 2 has introduced two robotic characters Atlas and P-body who have separated from the control of GlaDOS and must subsist its anger divvied out as puzzles, obstacles, and misdirection.

Each player is in control of their portal gun, which they use to maneuver through the various game levels, dodging its dangers and depending on each other. Portal 2 is a complete two-person cooperative multiplayer game with a dedicated character and gameplay.

Its advanced use of physics allows for the creation of an array of interconnected challenges, producing an extensive but not more challenging game.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls

As the name suggests, this game introduces you to an extremely Deep, Dark, and Difficult world where you have to outlive a million deaths to earn your legacy.

Dark Souls refines your ability to strategize, learn and conquer impulsive and unique challenges creatively. This games exposes you to 60 hours of gameplay, with close to 100 distinctively misery-inducing monsters, unbelievably nuanced artillery, a magic spell system, the survival of which relies on your ability to master how and when to use magic spells, choice of shield, the number of weapons, types of arms, and the moves attached to them.

As the game progresses, you must carefully choose which of your character’s abilities to hone. This choice will determine your advancement style. Swordmaster and wizard are examples of the skills that you can enhance.

The Beacon Fire is a significant feature of Dark Souls. It serves as a recovery and re-spawn place for players who are running low health-wise, and also a place where players can emotionally share experiences with fellow players. It’s the only place in the Dark Souls where players can find momentary feelings of warmth and tranquil.

Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition

Mass Effect 2

Two years after Commander Shepard deterred invading reapers from destructing organic life, a shadowy new danger has arisen. On the peripheries of known space, something is mutely seizing entire human societies.

Shepard must collaborate with Cerberus, a merciless organization devoted to human survival to stop the most petrifying menace humans have ever encountered. Gameplay rotates around a player’s specific version of Commander Shepard and the continued advancement of this character as the game progresses.

The player can choose to modify Commander Shepard to suit their preferred gender, physical appearance, or certain aspects of their personal history to affect things like available missions, conversation options with non-character players among others.

This version provides an array of futuristic weapons, some of which are lethal, and can quickly end the battle in a few seconds. The new damage system is a location-based system that empowers you to target main weak points, blasting off limbs, or disabling entire enemy troops.



The largest, most ambitious game Rockstar Games has ever produced. Los Santos is an expansive sunny metropolis full of self-help gurus, wannabes, and waning celebs. This city, which was once an economic hub, is now struggling to stay afloat in an era of financial snags.

In the midst of all the struggle, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, all criminals, go out of their way to engage in audacious and risky heists in the hope that they would get cash-rich for life.

To succeed in their mission, the three criminals will collaborate to perform major heists that require careful preparation, enlisting, and accurate execution. Cash is king in Grand Theft Auto V, and the three will go out of their way to obtain and spend it.

While at it, Grand Theft Auto V allows you to engage in a bit of recreation. You can choose to play golf or Tennis, cycle through the countryside, parachute over the city, or customize your Cheetah and take it to the streets to chase suckers for money.

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