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How to Connect an Xbox 360 Controller to Your PC

Many PC games require you to have a more than a keyboard to operate them comfortably, especially if you are enjoying as double players. You may need a joystick or a control pad to use them adequately. The Xbox 360 controller is easy to install for any PC that has a functional USB 2.0 or […]

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Does Playing with Your Xbox 360 Help Relieve Stress

Much of what has been studied about the effects of video games have been negative.  A lot of the studies have blamed video games for teaching children violence, disrupting them from their studies and other tasks. Other studies have indicated that video games reduce the attention span of children. A lot of this negativity has […]

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Key Differences between Xbox 360 and Xbox One

While Xbox 360 and Xbox One belong to the same console family, the two have differences that stand out like a sore thumb. some of the most noticeable ones are that former is a 7th generation console while the latter is an 8th generation console. The second difference is that the Xbox One is slightly […]

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Best Games That You Can Play on Your Xbox 360

Xbox 360 stands out as one of the most excellent consoles ever made. With it comes an array of games across a diversity of genres. Some exclusives are among the greatest games ever made in the history of gaming. Here’s a look at some of the … Best Games to Play on Xbox 360 Portal […]

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Best Xbox 360 Emulator for PC: Xenia Emulator Download

Stress is most probably the main reason why a lot of adults get hooked on video games. After a long and tiring day at work, they reach for their consoles and start playing to get rid of the day’s stresses. Video games allow gamers to escape reality and take their real life problems to the back […]

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