Key Differences between Xbox 360 and Xbox One

While Xbox 360 and Xbox One belong to the same console family, the two have differences that stand out like a sore thumb. some of the most noticeable ones are that former is a 7th generation console while the latter is an 8th generation console.

The second difference is that the Xbox One is slightly larger than the Xbox 360. This modification is meant to address the heating issues.

But what about other differences that may not be so obvious to a potential user? We have outlined them for you to give you a clear picture, and possibly help you choose between the two.

Key Differences between Xbox One and Xbox 360

Console comparisonCameras

Xbox One ‘S’ comes with a second generation Kinect camera that has more precise motion tracking and performs better across an array of lighting conditions. This camera works excellently for voice control necessary in some games, and within the core interface to initiate games and apps or explore for content.  This Kinect camera makes its entertainment feature much easier to use.

The Kinect camera can also be used on Xbox 360, but it requires you to buy a Kinect sensor, which is an extra cost.

Hardware and Specs

The One has eight core custom AMD. The CPU is clocked at 2.3 GHZ to give superior AI, real-world aspects and better interactions in your gaming experience. 12GB GDDR5 of graphics memory create speed and power to the game performance. The player experiences more magnificent worlds, more horizons, and faster load sessions.

Xbox 360 has a specifically-designed triple-core 64-bit Power PC- based CPU known as Xenon. It’s GPU is an ATI Xenos chip. 512 MB GDDR3 RAM at 700 MHZ memory space is shared by the CPU and the GPU through the integrated memory design.

The advanced hardware on the One gives you a better gaming experience.

The 8th generation console comes with a wide range of ports. 3 USB ports, Ocular output, Ethernet, and 2 HDMI sockets. These function as TV output as well as wifi connectors. You can use the console’s One Guide to select programmes.

Whereas the 360 has a detachable and upgradeable hard drive and a 12x dual-layer DVD –ROM drive. It has 3 USB ports and two memory unit- openings for wired connectivity. Its WiFi connector is a paid upgrade.

Entertainment Features

Xbox One is a one-stop entertainment system. It has the latest entertainment features of any console with apps for major TV services, all main video streaming facilities like Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Netflix, Blinkbox, and Now TV.

One ‘S’ conveys excellent graphics with HDR Tech premium audio for fast, reliable online gaming.

360 on the other hand allows you to enjoy exciting content on Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, and Netflix (Subscribed service). It has a DVD ROM too.

One ‘S’ has a Blu-ray drive and playback app, as well as DNLA media streaming via the consoles, own media player and an app for Plesk. Microsft’s music and video facilities and T.V aspects make it an excellent console for those who want to do more than play games.

A 6 teraflop GPU in One ‘X’ creates 4K settings and characters that are more real than ever, with more realistic features and smoother simulations.

360’s silver version allows the player to access Xbox Live marketplace as well connect with their friends on voice chat. For one to play games online, they require the Gold Version.

The One has several play options. The Game Pass qualifies you for unlimited access to more than one hundred highly ranked fun games with more recent ones being added every so often. Another feature, the Xbox Play Anywhere digital title, allows you to play both console and Windows 10 PC at no extra fee.

Backward Compatibility

Xbox One will enable you to play games from an older console. Most of the famous titles are compatible. It is a good investment as it allows you to play past, present and future games. It is however unfortunate that some of the older games are not compatible.

Newer games may not operate on 360, which makes its use limited.


If you want a cutting-edge version of the console, Xbox One will not disappoint. Its memory bandwidth allows for faster game graphics with expansive environments and close to real life experiences.

If you had to choose between one, then I’d recommend going with Xbox One and using this Xbox 360 emulator to enjoy the former’s experience on PC.

Let us know about your experience with either console in the comments section.

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